Month: September 2021

Personal Recommendation of a Good Starter Bike

If you are trying to get into road cycling, i would personally recommend the Triban RC120 , It’s definitely one of the best and cheap road bike that you can buy from Decathlon and i think it is hard to exaggerate how good the Triban RC120 is, especially when you consider the low price of it that you can mistakely thinking you are riding a bike that costs much more.

Triban RC120

The bike is very comfortable entry-level with superbly having a considered kit; like full rack and guard fittings . Great handlebar and cartridge brake blocks with 28mm tyres just in an excellent gear range . You can judge it by the looks, feels and it rides like a proper road bike. It has everything you would expect on a bike that cost much more, with few obvious cost-cutting measures, certainly when it comes to overall performance of the bike.

My personal review

Triban has paid attention to some details when it comes to sizing the bar and cranks, being width and length specific respectively among the 5 size range. The seatpost has measurements on it to ease fitting.

The bike is built around a compact 6061 aluminium frame with a short top-tube, which makes it suitable for endurance riding and light touring. The upright riding position will puts less strain on your lower back.

The RC120 has cartridge brake blocks (rather than one-piece blocks), which contribute massively to positive, well-controlled braking. Handlebar is a cut above average, with the ovalised shaped bar on the tops for good comfort and tops are also slightly swept-back, which improves comfort. Combination of relaxed geometry, ergo handlebar and the wide tyres makes Triban’s RC120 a polished performer. Its handling is neutral rather than super-lively . This is an all-round bike very suitable to start diving into the world of cycling .